It all started when…..

we wanted a little more excitement than the local 5K.

Outdoor training sessions became an exploration of the mountains, lakes, and forests of our backyards. It was a means to unplug from deadlines, to-do lists and electronics. It was a way to engage our other senses- the wind through our hair, the dirt under our tires, the spray off our paddles.

Bones Adventure Club is our way to create a community of adventurers who feel the same way. As we roll out our vision for the Club over the next few months, we will be starting with a calendar of events- cool things to do with cool people. You don't need to be a world-class athlete to join us. Just have a sense of adventure and a positive attitude toward finding out something new- maybe even about yourself.

Sign up now to be notified about upcoming events, and ultimately about the other things we have in store for the new year.