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Nav-X Mountain Bike Orienteering
8:30 AM08:30

Nav-X Mountain Bike Orienteering

Mark your calendars.... May 4th we are co-hosting a MTB Orienteering event in Cool, CA. Produced by NAV-X Challenge and designed by Team Bones Adventure Racing we will have 90-minute and 3-hour courses. E-punches and electronic scoring. How many controls can you find? It won't be easy as the Olmstead Loop is a myriad of trails, big climbs, and tons of singletrack. See you out there!

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to Jul 17


By Invite Only

112 Miles of MTB
16,000+ elevation gain
2 days of riding


South of San Francisco, mountains rise between the bay and the ocean. Where there are mountains, there will also be trails. This ride explores these trails and connects a number of gorgeous public open spaces and parks that the Bay Area is fortunate to have within reach.

The ride has three distinct phases, which we will be tackling in two days. The first day will bring us down to the ocean and its cool marine layer, that, depending on the season, can blanket the coast for most of the day. We'll spend the second half of the day wandering through deep coastal redwood forest singletrack. We will hit famous Purisima and El Corte Madera (Skeggs) open space preserves, with towering redwoods basking in marine climate.

On the second day, after Skeggs, we will hit Bay Area Ridge Trail where we will take in the views of both the ocean and the bay – sometimes at the same time!  We'll then hit the John Nicolas redwood singletrack trail in Sanborn County park. The day will be finish with fire roads which we will hit in the mountains south of South San Jose. The fire roads are steep but the views will be rewarding. We'll end the trip by descending to Almaden valley and back to civilization.


This is a serious ride.  Designed to be done in 3-4 days, we will be knocking it out in two.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact me directly .

Once we have a final list of riders (limiting this to five), I will be coordinating travel logistics and sending out a proposed packing list.  Hope your summer legs are ready.

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Mountain Bike Orienteering- Granite Bay
9:00 AM09:00

Mountain Bike Orienteering- Granite Bay

Granite Bay State Park is a great venue for a MTB navigation event.  With over 50 miles of trail, there are plenty of options to ensure that strategy is just as (or more) important as pure speed.  Come test your navigation, route finding, and mountain biking skills on the amazing single-track of Granite Bay.  

Teams will have 90 minutes to collect as many controls as they can find using only a map and compass.  Controls will have different values based upon their difficulty.  The team who collects the most amount of points within the 90 minute time limit will receive eternal glory as the one who rules them all.  Time penalty will apply for those who arrive after 90 minutes.

When- Saturday, March 17
            9:00 Sign-in Opens
            9:30 Navigation Clinic (How to Read a Map) Overview
            9:45 Pre-ride map distribution and instructions
          10:00 Mass start
          11:30  Cutoff time finish
          12:00 Awards- Ranking

Where- Granite Bay State Park
             Granite Beach Parking Lot (the long skinny one)

Cost-   This is a training event, not an official race.  A $5 donation to reimburse for the cost of the map is appreciated.
            The park does charge a $12 entry fee, (the Poppy Pass works here)

Teams-  Team of 1-4 riders

Required to bring (team):
Food and water for 90 minutes
Cell phone (for emergency or photos only)
Pen or pencil (recommend two)
Watch (or device to keep time)
MTB In good working condition (individual)
MTB Gear – Helmet (Required), Shoes, and proper attire for conditions (individual)
Compass (optional)
Map board (optional)
A great attitude

For those new to MTB navigation, it's a lot easier to read a map while riding when it is mounted on your handlebars (instead of in your pocket, in your sleeve, or under your sweaty hand.  While not required, you might consider the following map board options to make your life easier (and a little bit faster):

Best (specs) (to order)


To make your own

Questions can be emailed directly to
To make sure have enough maps printed, please RSVP to

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Olmstead Adventure on Foot (90 minutes)
9:00 AM09:00

Olmstead Adventure on Foot (90 minutes)

  • 7209 Saint Florian Court Cool, CA, 95614 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Bones Adventure Club will be putting on its first event on Saturday, January 27 beginning at 9:00 AM.  The event will be ROGAINE-style, where each team of 1-4 persons will try to find as many controls as possible within 90 minutes, on foot. 

This is a low-key "training" event, with minimal costs (~$5 for map).

More information will follow, but if you are interested, please RSVP at so I can make sure there are enough maps.

We will be meeting in the parking lot behind the fire station.  If anyone would like a tutorial on navigation before the event, please plan on arriving at 8:00 AM.  We will be walking to the start area at 9:00 AM sharp, so please plan on being a little early so you don't miss it.  Maps will be distributed 5 minutes before the start of the run.

What to bring:

  • Compass
  • Running shoes with good traction
  • Enough food and water for 90 minutes
  • Pen or pencil (highlighter optional)
  • Small pack to carry it all in
  • Cell phone
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