2017 | Gold Rush 8 Hour


Gold Rush 8-Hour Race

Pinecrest, California
November, 2017
1st Place

"At least it's not a swim start...." Despite the 28 degree temperature to start the race, the rest of the day in the Central Sierra was amazing. Soft ground from recent rains, no wind, and just enough chill in the air to keep us moving quickly. Charles Triponez and Roy Malone teamed up to compete in the Gold Rush (aka Cold Rush) 8-hour adventure race in Pinecrest, CA.

6 Hours and 20 minutes after starting, Team Bones Adventure Racing was the first to cross the finish line after 14 miles of trail running, 18 miles on the MTB, 6 miles of lake paddling, and a 300' rappel. Fantastic course designed by Gold Rush Adventure Racing.

Photo credit: Gavin Malone

Photo credit: Gavin Malone